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Maranoa Community

The Maranoa region in Queensland, Australia is home to several community groups that serve different purposes and interests. These community groups are essential in bringing people together, building strong relationships, and fostering a sense of belonging. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best community groups in the Maranoa region and what benefits they offer to the community.

1. Maranoa Netball Association

The Maranoa Netball Association is a non-profit organisation that focuses on promoting and developing the sport of netball in the Maranoa region. The community group has been in existence since 1973 and has grown over the years. The organisation has several teams for various age groups, and it welcomes players of all levels, from beginners to seasoned players.

The Maranoa Netball Association provides a safe and supportive environment for its players to learn and grow. The community group encourages team play and camaraderie, which helps build strong bonds among participants. The association is a great option for parents who want their kids to learn and enjoy netball while also interacting with other kids in the area.

Contact details: Phone: (07) 4627 3665, Email: maranoanetball@outlook.com

2. Roma Vision Christian Fellowship

Roma Vision Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational community group that offers a place where Christians can connect, worship, and share their faith. The community group welcomes people from all backgrounds and denominations. The group's aim is to create a loving environment where people can grow their faith and build lasting relationships.

Roma Vision Christian Fellowship offers Bible studies, prayer meetings, worship services, and other faith-based events. The community group also has a focus on outreach, organising and supporting different projects to help people in need.

Contact details: Phone: 0428 413 987, Email: romavisionchurch@hotmail.com

3. Maranoa Choir

The Maranoa Choir is a community group that provides a wonderful outlet for people who love singing. The choir comprises of singers of all ages, and it's open to everyone who wants to join. The choir members come from Roma and surrounding areas.

The Maranoa Choir performs at different events and occasions, making it possible for members to showcase their talents and perform for the community. Singing in the choir is a great way to reduce stress, boost confidence, and share in the joy of making music with others.

Contact details: Phone: (07) 4622 1099

4. Maranoa Writers Group

The Maranoa Writers Group is a community group that offers support, education, and networking opportunities for writers in the region. The group welcomes writers of different genres and levels of experience. Members of the group share their works, discuss writing techniques, and offer each other feedback and critiques.

The Maranoa Writers Group also organises workshops and other events to help writers learn and grow their skills. Being a member of the group provides an opportunity to connect with other writers in the region and be part of a community that shares the same passion for writing.

Contact details: Phone: (07) 4622 1917, Email: maranoawritersgroup@gmail.com

5. Maranoa Community Garden

The Maranoa Community Garden is a community group that promotes gardening as a way of bringing people together and fostering healthy living. The garden provides a shared space where people can grow their own organic fruits and vegetables, learn new gardening skills, and build relationships with other members of the community.

The Maranoa Community Garden is open to all members of the community, and it's a great place to meet new people, learn about gardening and sustainability, and start making healthier choices.

Contact details: Phone: (07) 4624 5875, Email: community.garden@maranoa.qld.gov.au


the Maranoa region in Queensland, Australia, is home to several community groups that play a critical role in creating a vibrant and cohesive community. From sports to gardening to singing and writing, there's a community group for everyone in the Maranoa region. Being a part of one or more of these groups provides an opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and contribute to the community in a positive way. Joining one of these groups is an excellent way to feel a sense of belonging and make a meaningful impact in the Maranoa region.

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