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As a resident of Maranoa, Queensland, Australia, it can be challenging to find the right radio station that fits your listening preferences. In this article, we will be reviewing all the local community and commercial radio stations that are receivable in Maranoa, along with their band and frequency. 1. ABC Western Queensland (639 AM): This popular station has been serving listeners in Maranoa for years. They bring a mix of music, news, and entertainment that is perfect for the local community. The station has an excellent reputation and provides insightful reporting on the latest news and events. 2. Hit FM Roma (98.9 FM): Hit FM Roma is a commercial radio station that can be heard in most parts of Maranoa. The station offers a mix of music, entertainment, and local information, making it an excellent choice for listeners who like to stay up-to-date with what's happening in their community. 3. Triple M Central Queensland (93.7 FM): Triple M Central Queensland is a commercial radio station that is popular with music lovers. They offer a wide range of music genres, including classic rock, alternative, and pop. The station also provides content on local events, weather updates, and other relevant information. 4. 4ZR Roma (1476 AM): 4ZR Roma is a community radio station that is well-known for its local content. They offer a diverse range of shows, covering topics such as farming, sports, and news. The station aims to provide a voice for the local community, making it an essential source of information for Maranoa residents. 5. Flow FM (101.5 FM): Flow FM is a regional commercial radio station that can be heard in some parts of Maranoa. The station offers a mix of music and entertainment, with an emphasis on local content. They provide updates on local events, weather forecasts, and community news. 6. Rebel FM (89.7 FM): Rebel FM is a commercial rock radio station that plays classic and modern rock music. The station is popular with music lovers who enjoy listening to a broad range of rock music genres. While their signal may not reach all parts of Maranoa, those who can tune in will enjoy rock hits from some of their favorite artists. 7. 4TAB (1008 AM): 4TAB is a sports talk radio station that can be heard in Maranoa. They provide live coverage of major sporting events, including NRL and AFL games. The station also offers sports talk shows and news updates. In conclusion, there are several radio stations that you can tune into, depending on your preferences or interests. From news, entertainment, and music to sports and community-focused programs, there is something for everyone. So go ahead, grab your radio and start enjoying the variety of stations available in Maranoa, Queensland.

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